About the developer

Rob Cole

I first used Virtual Reality in 1991 when Virtuality released their seated and standing VR gaming systems at London’s Trocadero Centre. As someone who grew up reading sci-fi and was studying design at college, it seemed like the future had arrived; we block booked the machines every Wednesday afternoon for “research”.

Later at University, a Silicon Graphics workstation and early VR headset for viewing design models showed some promise, but was visually fatiguing and limited by the processing power of the time. PC gaming had a new game called Doom, I slowly forgot about VR like many others…

It was 25 years from Virtuality until the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift PCVR systems in 2016. An unexpected demo with a Vive Pre restarted my passion for VR, the following day I purchased a Vive and spent several amazing months exploring roomscale applications.

Using my background in Industrial Design and focus on human factors engineering I’ve spent the past 5 years using many different virtual reality and augmented reality systems, but always from the human perspective.

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