About the developer

  • I first used Virtual Reality in 1991 when Virtuality released their seated and standing VR gaming systems at London’s Trocadero. Our group of Design college students block booked the Virtuality machines every Wednesday afternoon for scheduled “research’ sessions, this went on for months…
  • Later at University a Silicon Graphics workstation and industrial looking headset for viewing design models showed promise but was very limited by display resolution, latency and the computer processing power of the time.
  • It took 25 years from the launch of Virtuality until the release of the HTC and Oculus consumer PCVR systems in 2016 with 6DoF tracking combined with powerful graphics cards able to render two HD displays at 90hz.
  • After 1/2 hour with a Vive Pre I was convinced, next day i purchased a Vive and GTX1070 GPU; then months trying all the software and setup experiments including “Roomscale Plus” (6.3m x 6.3m) with groups of volunteers.
  • Using my background in Industrial Design and focus on human factors engineering I’ve spent the past 5 years exploring many different virtual and augmented reality systems, but always from the human perspective.
  • This site shows some ongoing development work with hand controller hardware and archives containing links to my published ergonomics articles.
  • Currently, I’m building a new SteamVR controller called “Caliper”, fully adjustable to suit all hands whilst using replaceable parts to minimise downtime and e-waste.

As an independent developer, also working a full time job in an unrelated industry, it’s tough tackling what is a multi disciplinary challenge on a part time basis with limited resources.

However, the project is progressing slowly but surely with many iterations as I work through Ergonomics, Haptics, Inputs, SteamVR tracking integration, electrical, mechanical engineering. It’s been very interesting to learn new skills and get hands deep into the fundamentals!

With the ongoing chip shortages and global manufacturing constraints even for well established companies, I’m not banking on bringing this to market, but you never know…

Thanks for reading, RFC

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