SteamVR™ motion controller

Independently funded development project building a modular and ergonomically adjustable SteamVR ™ motion controller for virtual reality enthusiasts.

Modular input components minimise E-Waste and reduce downtime, whilst providing users with the option of Joystick, D-PAD or Touchpad modules for primary input. 

Separate control and trigger modules provide independent reach and angle adjustments for precise setup; whilst adjustable dorsal straps and replaceable hand grips in 3 sizes accommodate the widest range of hands.

Design specification

  • Ruggedized aluminium chassis for durability
  • Hands free operation with dorsal strap
  • Highest quality input components
  • Fully adjustable ergonomics
  • ‘Touch standard’ control layout
  • Customisation software
  • Replacement input module
  • Replacement control module
  • Replacement trigger module
  • Modular magnetic hand grip (S, M, L)
  • SteamVR™ 2.0 6DoF tracking *
  • HD LRA haptics
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • USB-C fast charging

Additional features (under development)

  • Capacitive sensing on controls
  • Finger tracking (proximity and pressure)
  • Haptic module on dorsal strap

*SteamVR ™ is a trademark of Valve Corporation and is used under license

Caliper v.1

Caliper v.1 development mule
Side profile with labels indicating Caliper v.1 features
Adjustable controls : independently adjustable joystick and trigger modules
Replaceable input module to provide 3 input choices (Joystick, D-PAD or Touchpad), minimise E-Waste and reduce VR downtime
Caliper v.1 development mule assessment : hands free operation using dorsal strap
Caliper v.1 development mule assessment : joystick and trigger reach
Caliper v.1 Development mule assessment : good thumb alignment with primary input (joystick shown)
Click image for link to article hosted by Skarredghost

Caliper v.2

Development work continues on Caliper v.2 featuring a more compact, single arm design with increased adjustment range

V.2 development mule under construction
V.2 development mule under construction
V.2 development mule being quickly assessed
Joystick option in control module
D-PAD option in control module

More info soon…

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