Grip and trigger on aluminium base
Battery holder fitted to grip
Figuring out how to fit sensors
Keeping it simple… inside a small cardboard bicycle inner tube box used for the cube showing sensor flexes
Testing IMU
Testing optical sensors using SteamVR 2.0 base station
Simple model in openSCAD with cube and hand grip
Simulation tool sensor placement is often a little suspect, mask in grey seen below cube
Results of simulation showing channel map, model points, model normals
Testing Guncube using SteamVR development tools courtesy of Valve software
Final sensor layout with each sensor given a different colour to help me identify them as I adjusted their positions
Vive wand imported into blender
Vive wand imported into openSCAD and aligned with my Guncube model
Back in blender getting ready for UV map
Unwrapping to make UV map
The end result…Guncube folder in SteamVR directory on host PC
MTL, 3D Obj and PNG files combined to create Guncube render model for SteamVR
Development kit in its own box
GUNCUBE shortly before being retired, the HDK was carefully stripped out and gifted to a friend aiming to build a cube shaped object, thanks to SkarredGhost for the “Guncube” name!

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