Assembly underway
Grip attached to body and trigger installed
Tracking bar at front making the”T” shape
Scary time carefully releasing sensor flexes from packaging
Finally freed the photo diodes and their flexes running to the Tundra SteamVR module
Tundra SteamVR module mounted underneath at front, slowly working the sensor flexes into the mule
Photodiodes placed at equal intervals and different facets as well as each bar end
Connection test…
Tundra SteamVR module up front, trigger in middle and high capacity Samsung Li-ion battery in rear
Felt very balanced in the hand, perhaps ideal for gun hand in VR shooters?
T-BAR running on USB for IMU (gyro) testing using SteamVR ™ PC development tools courtesy of Valve software
Resulting IMU stats from diagnostic tests
Optical hits registering on sensors from SteamVR 2.0 base station high above my development area.

T-Bar was retired due to problems modelling the sensor placement on the object as it turned out to be more complex than I originally anticipated, so I moved to building Guncube next >>

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